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Trade Enquiries

sailing Dysart Yawls on our pieces

We welcome trade customers, and have a Trade Price List – please contact us to obtain one.  Our Trade Customers fall into several categories;  museum shops, Scottish visitor attractions, tile companies, high value china retailers, upmarket gift shops/craft shops and  Scottish jewellers (interestingly this format works well, since the Scottish Heritage nature of our ware makes it a good christening or other celebration present ).

We have some Trade Customers for whom we have made a unique design.  For example, we paint sailing Dysart Yawls on our pieces for the Dysart Harbourmaster’s House, Kirkcaldy.

It must be remembered by anyone thinking of stocking our ware in their shop that no two pieces  are exactly the same.  Different painters have different styles, and sometimes the colour and design varies slightly.

The glaze on our pieces may craze over time.    The reason for this is that we cannot fire our items too high, or the colours will fade or run.  Crazing does not affect the overall value of the piece; all the original ‘Wemyss Ware’® has crazed, but this certainly has not affected its value!.
There is normally a six week waiting list for orders, but this may vary seasonally.