The Galleries

Wemyss Ware Pottery Cat with mice

Wemyss Ware® has always been famous for the variety and beauty of its hand painting. Since the early days of Wemyss Ware®, experienced designers and decorators have been encouraged to produce individual pieces, often for commissions.  The current Pottery carries on this tradition, and some of the results can be seen in the ‘Gallery’ pages.  
The ‘Gallery ‘ pages show pieces of Wemyss Ware® made at the Griselda Hill Pottery Ltd during  the past  26 years.

The work often reflects the artist’s interests and personality.  We are proud of these pieces, as we feel they reflect the diversity and adaptability of the hand painting techniques which are so important to the production of Wemyss Ware®.

We offer only a limited number of pieces for sale in our online shop .   A far larger selection is shown in the downloadable brochure.   However, if you see a piece you would like which is in the Gallery but not in the downloadable brochure, we can still paint it for you.  Please contact us specifying which piece you are interested in, and we will provide a timescale and a costing.  Alternatively you may have an idea for a new, different commission.

We are happy to develop ideas to suit individual customers.  If required we can also produce preliminary sketches.