Cats are our bestsellers. Their delightful smiles make them very engaging, and a natural tonic for anybody who owns one.  It is thought that our very cheerful Wemyss Ware® cats borrow their design from Emile Gallé, who produced a small range in his French studio around 1870. Among the cats to be seen in the ‘Gallery’ pages is the Cambo Cat, which we make with various tartans as limited editions.    For example, if you wish to have a Fraser tartan this will be made as one of ten.  The Brighton Gallé cat, in the centre of the bottom row, is based on an example of a French Gallé cat in the Brighton Pavilion.

If you see a design of cat you would like, we can easily paint it for you.  Please note that the majority of designs you see throughout our website can also be produced on our cat pieces.  We make our cats in a large variety of sizes and facing in two directions.  Please contact us for further details of timescales and costs.

Click on images for larger view and to see description: