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Esther Weeks Forget Me Not Miniature Tea Set
Esther Weeks Forget Me Not Miniature Tea Set
Wemyss Ware® Griselda Hill Pottery®

Esther Weeks Forget Me Not Miniature Tea Set

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This Tea Set was painted by Esther Weeks who no longer paints. If you are interested in ordering one painted by one of our current painters please do just get in touch!

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  • Email: info@wemyssware.co.uk

Esther Weeks Forget Me Not Miniature Tea Set

Wemyss Ware® is Scotland's most famous pottery. Hand finished and hand painted in Ceres, Fife at the Griselda Hill Pottery since 1985. Fife is the birthplace of Wemyss® pottery in 1882. 

Esther Weeks was a painter of Wemyss® pottery when it was being painted in Devon. She was taught how to paint the Wemyss® designs by Joseph Nekola, the son of Carol Nekola, the origional Wemyss® painter in 1800s. Esther passed on her knowledge and taught our painters at the Griselda Hill Pottery how to paint the original Wemyss® designs. 

Wemyss Ware® flowers are full of freshness and delicacy. The Forget Me Not designs were some of the designs she painted most. 

She no longer paints so her pieces are of limited edition.

This Miniature Tea Set consists of 5 pieces:

  • Teapot (9cm high)
  • Teacup and Saucer
  • Plate
  • Jug
  • Sugar Bowl


    Want to make it even more special?

    Each piece is hand painted by our talented Pottery Ladies and we can personalise any design, whether it is a wee bee to finish it off or some meaningful names, dates, or sayings. Or how about your favourite flower or a beloved pet? We can even hand sculpt a mouse or butterfly onto a piece for you, the world is your oyster!

    Please ask for personalisation when phoning or emailing us and we can discuss your design and piece. Timescale and price will also be given at this time.