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About Us

The present-day Pottery is located in the heart of Fife, in the former outbuildings of the manse of Ceres. It is a four-star Visit Scotland Tourist Shop and has a visitor centre where work can be seen in progress. Everything, with the exception of tiles which are bought in as biscuit ware, is made on the premises.The slipcast earthenware is hand painted using traditional techniques, and then glazed. This process is called underglazing.

Wemyss Ware® has a long and distinguished history. Over the years it has been collected by many famous people, including Gore Vidal and Elton John. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was preeminent among its famous collectors, and the Prince of Wales continues to admire and collect the pottery.

The Queen recently commissioned two large Cabbage Rose vases for Balmoral Castle, to match an existing vase.

Queen Elizabeth’s vases commissioned from the Pottery

Since 1985 the Pottery has had many famous visitors, and has been filmed on several occasions. It has featured on the BBC Antiques Show with Tim Wonnacott, Flog It with Paul Martin and the Antiques Road Trip with David Barby.

The BBC Antique Show 1999; Griselda and Tim Wonnacott

The BBC Flog It 2003; Griselda and Paul Martin

The BBC Antiques Road Trip 2009; David Barby