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Personalised Commissions

Each piece is hand painted by our talented Pottery Ladies and for this reason we are happy to make one-off pieces to suit your individual needs. We can personalise any design, whether it is a wee bee to finish it off or some meaningful names, dates, or sayings. Or how about your favourite flower or a beloved pet? We can even hand sculpt a mouse or butterfly onto a piece for you, the world is your oyster! Personalised commissions are popular for anniversaries and special occasions of any kind!

  • Phone: 01334828273 (if you get the voicemail please leave a message and your number and we will phone you back)
  • Email: info@wemyssware.co.uk

Please ask for personalisation when phoning or emailing us and we can discuss your design and piece. Timescale and price will also be given at this time, we also require payment in full at the time of ordering, Thank you.