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Iconic Wemyss Ware®


Cats are our bestsellers. Their delightful smiles make them very engaging, and a natural tonic for anybody who owns one. It is thought that our very cheerful Wemyss Ware® cats borrow their design from Emile Gallé, who produced a small range in his French studio around 1870. 

If you see a design of cat you would like, we can easily paint it for you. Please note that the majority of designs you see throughout our website can also be produced on our cat pieces. We make our cats in a large variety of sizes and facing in two directions. Please contact us for further details of timescales and costs.

The Yellow Gallé Large Cat

The Yellow Gallé Large Cat is based on a design by the French potter and furniture maker Emile Gallé. It now forms part of the logo of Kirkcaldy Galleries, and can be seen gracing the side of the Museum Bus. Both colourful and cheerful, its smile lights up any room.

The Black and White Large Cat

This is the other part of Kirkcaldy Galleries’ logo, along with the yellow Gallé cat. Both designs certainly stand out from the crowd!

Pigs & Other Animals

In Bohemia, Karel Nekola’s birthplace, the pig is a symbol of good luck and model pigs are exchanged at New Year. Wemyss® pigs retain their popularity, and their long suffering expressions lend them a humorous charm. We can make most sizes of pig into a ‘Piggy Bank’ on request. The Sleeping Piglets are often used as paperweights!

Our Cockerel shape is taken from a model made at the Bovey Pottery. It has a lively naturalism, which is also shared by our Rabbits, Mice and Bulldog.

Please note that the majority of designs you see throughout our website can also be produced on any of our pieces.

The Black and White Large Pig


The iconic Black and White Large Pig is the pig which started it all! Griselda’s grandmother’s Wemyss® pig was the inspiration for reviving the Pottery in the 1980s. The simple Black and White design accentuates the character of the pig.

The Clover Bulldog

In the early days very few Bulldogs were made because they were so breakable, and there is a story that Karel Nekola threw the mould away in disgust after yet another bulldog cracked in the kiln. Our version does not cause so much hassle, thankfully! By the look on its face it needs a good home.

Giftware & Tableware

Everyone likes a gift of Wemyss Ware®. The hand painting means that no two pieces are exactly the same, and this is one of the reasons it is so special. We offer a variety of items which are both decorative and useful.

Please note that the majority of designs you see throughout our website can also be produced on our giftware and tableware pieces.

The Cabbage Rose Queens Vase

The Cabbage Rose is the design most associated with Wemyss Ware®. Thesecret painting technique has been passed down through generations of artists. 

The Thistle Loving Cup

A Wemyss Ware® Thistle Loving Cup – what could be more Scottish? It is not surprising that these are very popular for presentations.

The Beehive Honey Dish and Plate

This Honey Dish is made to hold an old fashioned square honeycomb. Many of our customers remember old Wemyss® Honey Dishes from their childhoods.