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The Pottery Ladies

Our pottery would not be as wonderful as it is without our talented team of Pottery Ladies. Every piece of Wemyss Ware® is hand finished and hand painted making each one unique with its own special character and flare. Each piece is marked with the painter's initials.

Pottery Ladies on our day out to The Kelpies

Elaine, Marion, Roseanne and Rena on a team trip to The Kelpies in Stirling



Griselda’s Initials on the base of each piece she has painted

Director, Designer and Painter

'I first became interested in Wemyss Ware® as a child when I visited my grandparents’ house. There, in the hearth, sat a large black and white pig, somewhat the worse for wear but full of character. Twenty years later when I moved to Fife I saw a similar version in Kirkcaldy Museum, and started to put two and two together.  I would have loved to own one to remind me of my grandmother, but even in the 1980s a Wemyss® pig cost £2000, way beyond my budget.  I came up with the idea of making one and then thought perhaps other people might want a more affordable version of the famous pottery.  I approached the curator of Kirkcaldy Museum, who agreed to sell my ‘new Wemyss’ in the museum shop, and that was the start of it all! 

Wemyss Ware® designs have the love of nature at their core. This is why the pottery remains fresh, vibrant and relevant to this day. My own feeling for nature chimes with the hand painted simple beauty of the pottery.

I was brought up in Cambridge and studied English and Fine Art at Exeter University.  After a couple of years teaching art around London I moved up to Fife, and have lived in the beautiful village of Ceres for over half my life.

Running the business has not always been easy. I started on a huge learning curve (and am still on it!) but my enthusiasm for Wemyss Ware® remains undiminished after thirty five years.'

Find my favourites in 'Griselda's Favourites' collection. 



Griselda and Thea 

Manager, Website and Social Media Creator and Painter 

'I am very fortunate to have a mum who is such a talented artist as Griselda Hill. I have always loved the pottery and wanted to get involved and help out as soon as I could. I started to learn to paint the simpler designs and help in the shop since the age of 10. Now I am dedicated in keeping Wemyss Ware® alive and true. My main areas are innovation, managing the website and social media and occasionally painting (but I usually leave that up to the professionals!) I have always appreciated art in many forms thanks to my mum and grandmother and my own art is particularly influenced by China. 

Outside the pottery I am a gymnastics coach and love all things fitness including a range of sports such as CrossFit, Surfing, Snowboarding, Bouldering, and of course Gymnastics.'

Find my favourites in 'Thea's Favourites' collection. 



Pottery Supervisor

'I gained a degree in painting at Edinburgh College of Art in 1984. After graduating, doing various jobs and having my daughter, I applied for a job at the pottery, and to my surprise was successful. l was lucky enough to be taught all the processes from slip casting to glazing. I enjoy making the large and small cats and my favourite designs are Earlshall and dragonfly.
Over the last twenty years l have gained lots of experience. Although l am the the only person making the pottery, l enjoy working together as a team with the rest of the ladies to produce the beautiful Wemyss Ware.
My cat keeps me company while l make my own raku ceramics at home which l sell at two local shops.'

Rena produces all the bisque ware which is then painted and returned to the pottery where it is glazed and fired. 

Find my favourites in 'Rena's Favourites' collection. 



Elaine’s initials on the bottom of each Wemyss Ware piece she has painted

Painting Supervisor

'After gaining a degree in Illustration at Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in 1987, I heard the pottery wanted a painter. I remember my interview was sitting outside, with Griselda, in the sunshine with my portfolio and a coffee. I started April 1989 and have been there ever since!!!
I work on designing and painting bespoke pieces for orders and stock for our shop. My favourite is the cabbage rose design, but also love painting flowers of any description, and the bee design (like Roseanne 😊). I think I like working on the larger pieces (you can get more on them!!) cats, pigs etc...
At home I enjoy gardening, baking ( artistically) and walking the dog .
Not many people love their jobs but I do.'

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Roseanne’s initials signed on the base of each Wemyss Ware piece she has painted


'I was fortunate to start working in the pottery around 1996. On my first day our lovely head painter Elaine said "Let's see what you can draw"...... I remember it took me all afternoon to draw an orange plate I was so nervous! I mostly work in the painting room but occasionally if Rena is busy in the pottery I help out with fettling. Messy but strangely satisfying. Gardening and jewellery making are my interests at home but learning a new craft is my favourite way to spend time.'

Find my favourites in 'Roseanne's Favourites' collection.  




Shop Supervisor

'I started working at the Pottery in 2005. 

It's difficult to decide which Wemyss Ware® design is my favorite but I think it is probably my honeysuckle bulldog, sitting proudly on the hearth. Dragonfly bowl is a close second. 

I'm also a hobby potter and love throwing pots on my potters wheel at home. In my spare time I enjoy looking after my chickens and walking my two springer spaniel dogs.'

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Enjoying a sunny lunch in the Pottery Garden

Elaine, Rena and Roseanne enjoying a cuppa in the Pottery Garden