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Cabbage Rose Cat Wemyss Ware Notepad
Cabbage Rose Cat Wemyss Ware Notepad
Cabbage Rose Cat Wemyss Ware Notepad
Wemyss Ware® Griselda Hill Pottery®

Cabbage Rose Cat Wemyss Ware Notepad

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Wemyss Ware® is Scotland's most famous pottery. Hand finished and hand painted in Ceres, Fife at the Griselda Hill Pottery since 1985. Fife is the birthplace of Wemyss® pottery in 1882. 

Some of our most renowned Wemyss Ware® pieces and designs sitting pretty on the front of our notepads. Our plain paper notepads make ideal telephone pads. Each pad has a lovely Wemyss® animal photo on the front and over 40 pages.

The beautiful Cabbage Rose design is the one most often associated with traditional Wemyss Ware®. It is thought that Karel Nekola brought his rose painting skills with him from the Continent, and taught his Fife workforce the secret art of creating this exuberant, lifelike pattern. Karel Nekola was a master of the cabbage rose, and for many it is the design most associated with Wemyss Ware®. The secrets of painting the rose has been handed down to us from Wemyss® painters through the ages.

Wemyss Ware® cats have a striking similarity to their cousins the Gallé cats made in Nancy by Emile Gallé. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns, always with a cheerful smile. They are our most popular shape.


  • Cabbage Rose Large Cat (Portrait)
  • Yellow Gallé Large Cat (Portrait)
  • Clover Large Pig (Landscape)
  • Clover Bulldog (Landscape)


  • Size: A6